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The four Chinese “Guardians of Buddhism” are referred to by many different names. Among them are, “Four Heavenly Kings” and “Guardians of the World”. Chinese mythology generally depicts them as warriors wearing armor and carrying their symbolic weapon.

Four hand carved stone relief wall sculptures, 2" X 17" X 25", 27 pounds each.




King of the south and one who causes good growth of roots. He is the ruler of the wind. His symbolic weapon is the sword which he carries in his right hand to protect the Dharma and the southern continent. Associated with the color blue.










King of the east and God of music. His symbolic weapon is the pipa (stringed instrument). He is harmonious and compassionate and protects all beings. Uses his music to convert others to Buddhism. Associated with the color white.










King of the west and one who sees all. His symbolic weapon is a snake or red cord that is representative of a dragon. As the eye in the sky, he sees people who do not believe in Buddhism and converts them. His ancient name means he who has broad objectives. Associated with the color red.









King of the north. He is the ruler of rain. His symbolic weapons are the umbrella or pagoda. Wearing heavy armor and carrying the umbrella in his right hand, he is often associated with the ancient Indian God of wealth. Associated with the color green.