It has been a long journey in bringing these Kakemono scrolling posters to market. Beginning with the painstakingly slow process of hand carving stone Buddha busts. Each of the nine sculptures have to capture the facial expressions, usually associated with Buddha images. Serenity, spirituality, meditative and Zen like qualities are all important.

The (23" x 44") Colorful series of 36 and the Colorful series of 17 mini-sized (8" x 16") Kakemono style prints of my sculptures are unique and unlike anything else available. Bright, deeply saturated colors with pigment ink on heavy fiber cloth, allow us to achieve the most vibrant colors. They must be seen to be appreciated.

The (23" x 44") Antique series of 18 and the Antique series of 6 mini-sized (8" x 16") Kakemono style prints creates the impression of ancient oil paintings. Look closely and you can see the cracking and weathering that adds to the realism and character of the rich sepia colors.

Our 5 (23" x 44") Chinese Calligraphy and the Calligraphy mini-sized series of 5 (8" x 16") Kakemono scrolling posters are artful treasures and perfect for your home, office or that secluded space you retreat to after a difficult day.